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About Costco back to school supply section
Costco Cash Cards Costco Wholesale has long been an outperformer in the retail sector and the impact of the pandemic has only widened the gap between the warehouse retailer and its peers.

Costco’s back-to-school supply section is a beautiful place for two reasons. First it has almost everything you need. Writing utensils? Check. Notebooks? Check. Binders dividers and sticky notes? Check. There aren’t many cute lunch boxes or backpacks on offer—so if you’re searching for items with a little flair you may have to look elsewhere. But as far as the necessities go you’re covered.

Land once zoned for a middle school in Black Mountain Ranch may end up being a Costco store and shopping mall on property owned by the Poway Unified School District.

Poway Unified school board members voted Thursday night in favor of plan to lease 27 acres at the intersection of Carmel Valley Road and Camino Del Sur to Costco.

"This site has an extremely lucrative opportunity for the district and I for one don't see how we can turn this down," said board president Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff. "Let Costco go figure out what the community will accept."

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