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Amazon MMORPG New World,begins its journey
The closed beta testing of New World, a premium MMORPG developed by Amazon Games, began yesterday. Already in the first day of online games on Steam, it exceeded 190 thousand people. She's also at the top on Twitch now.

According to statistics from SteamDB, the maximum number of concurrent players in New World was 190 811. At the time of this writing, the online project is around 25 thousand people.

Amazon Games has not gotten off to a very good start when it comes to its own games. 'Crucible' ended very badly (it came out of beta with so many glitches and errors that it returned to beta and was later canceled), but fortunately it was not the most important launch that Amazon had on its hands. It is 'New World', his ambitious MMORPG.

It’s not as if New World has come out of nowhere though, the game was also a hit on Twitch back when it had another playtest in August of 2020.

Another factor that could be helping New World to the top is the fact everyone who’s anyone in the MMO streaming community is apparently streaming it.Names like Asmongold, TimTheTatMan, LIRIK, Esfand, and many, many more go a long way to getting a game to the top of Twitch. But it could also be that players are hungry for a brand-new IP for once. Anyway you look at, New World definitely seems like one to keep an eye on.

The 'New World' Closed Beta is available to anyone who has already purchased the game. Currently, the pre-order is available on Steam in two versions: Standard, for R$75.45, and Deluxe, for R$93.99. It is worth mentioning that the game does not require any kind of monthly subscription – that is, by buying it only once, you will have access to all the content that the title has to offer.

New World is a fantasy MMORPG for PC with both PvP and PvE content. The full release of the game will take place on August 31st. The project does not require paying for a monthly subscription - you just need to buy a game for $ 40 (1299 rubles for Russia). That being said, New World will have separate in-app purchases and paid add-ons.

The New World beta begins today, July 20, at 6:30 PM PST. It will end on August 3 at 8:59 a.m. and then it will be time to wait. There are servers in North America, Europe, Australia, and Brazil. Players from the alpha will not be able to roll over their progress to the beta, and likewise, progress from the beta will not be able to roll over to the final version of the game. is a professional third-party game service provider that quickly attracted a large number of loyal users with its rich experience and satisfactory service quality. Buying New World Coins at has low price is its biggest advantage, and it is also the reason why many customers buy back in The price of New World Coins on is lower than the market price.The fast delivery speed of the website is also commendable. The staff on the site take turns working online all day to ensure that all orders are completed within 15 minutes!
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