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Dota 2 Auto Chess Recently Crossed 6 Million Subscribers
Drodo isn't wasting any time capitalizing on its creation. Dota Auto Chess is massively popular, but it's also a free-to-play mod for Dota 2. So another studio could capture away some of that momentum by releasing a standalone imitation on other platforms. That has happened before with MOBAs. Dota 2 is the unofficial followup to the Warcraft 3 mod Defense of the Ancients. That is the mod that created the multiplayer online battle arena genre. But Riot Games was able to capitalize on that idea better than others by releasing the standalone League of Legends.
While Dota and its heroes aren't present in name, there are some distinct similarities on show via the game's artwork I'm pretty sure I can see homages to Axe, Pudge, and Bloodseeker and the pre-reservation page allows players to link their Steam account to their new accounts to receive rewards. While the mobile version isn't even out yet, it's already looking pretty popular. While it won't be challenging the Dota Auto Chess player count for a while yet, more than 300,000 players have signed up already.
But even after removing those assets, the game will jump right into a competitive scene thanks to a league organized by ImbaTV. The prize pool for the league was announced at $1,500,000, but no further details are available at the moment. Dragonest's launch page for the game has goals that will continue to increase as more players pre-register for the game. It also appears that this development will not affect the working relationship between Drodo and Valve, though it is unclear if Valve will do anything beyond providing the studio with extra support. Players will be able to earn candy rewards, which can unlock cosmetics in the game, by linking their Steam account. You can purchase the candies as well, with 10 candies costing 1 RMB.

Dota Auto Chess comes from Drodo Studio in China, and it acts like a blend between the mechanics of the Dota 2 with custom map scenarios. If you are you looking for more about Buy Dota 2 Auto Chess Candy check out our website. You can't exactly call it Dota 2, nor is it a game of chess. This is a plus, as players get to enjoy something unique. We've seen tower defense-style maps in Dota 2 like Custom Hero Survival and others. The idea behind these might've been great, but their actual implementation lacked replayability, which is a necessary component for success with such maps.
Dota Auto Chess has eight players face off in round after round of resource management action. Competitors begin by picking a single unit from the five initially made available. The real excitement begins as players'population cap and unit choices grow, and players must begin to comprise their lineups through a mix of races and classes to achieve various boosts, abilities, and advantages. The overnight success of Dota Auto Chess has led Drodo Studios to contemplate hiring more staff, including a marketing team. Currently they are a team of four located in China. Drodo Studios has also been in contact with Valve to discuss a possible matchmaking system implementation.
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