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Epic Seven has enjoyed tremendous success since launched worldwide
Super Creative's anime-inspired mobile RPG Epic Seven has broken into the Top 10 games by revenue on the Google Play Store, bolstered by the new Valentine's Day storyline and the limited time increase in the drop rate for the wildly popular character Luna. The game, driven by a full-frame animation experience on mobile devices, tells the tragic story of a land cursed to be built up and destroyed over and over again across eons of time. When starting to play Epic Seven game, Epic Seven Gold is a necessary element on condition that you would like to hold a leadership position in Epic Seven game.

Pushing the game's surge is the recently launched "So The Roses May Bloom" event. Running until March 6th, the new event presents players with a tale filled with intrigue, betrayal and, a unique visual novel-inspired presentation. A queen's death sparks a terrible power struggle and the player must use the power of their words to interact with other characters and, along the way, in true Valentine's Day fashion, find love or rejection.

Epic Seven is a stunning 2D mobile RPG, where anime-inspired characters and visuals come to life like never before. The world of the gods is in a never ending cycle of war. Experience an adventure unlike anything seen on mobile, with anime-inspired production values that rival television and film production quality. Richly developed and realized characters and environments are at your fingertips, with almost zero loading times from opening the app to the most heated of turn-based battles, thanks in part to developer Super Creative's proprietary and exclusive Yuna Engine. If you need Buy Epic Seven Skystones Top Up, you can visit our site

If you love RPGs, the game adopts a turn-based battle system. With its 2D anime-like HD graphics and it looks pretty on mobile as seen in the trailer. You might feel familiar with the art and that’s because famous artists that drew for Dragon Nest and Magna Carta was also involved in this game. Super Creative, the developer, claimed that there will be no loading in-game which will require a client patch. Though it may take up memory, it does smooth the game out without going through loading screens.

Since launching worldwide, Epic Seven has enjoyed tremendous success such as breaking into the top 10 grossing charts on both Google Play and App Store. These countries include North America, Singapore, Taiwan, and more. Today, it was announced that publisher Smilegate Megaport has acquired a majority 64% stake in Epic Seven’s Korean developer, Super Creative. Epic Seven is the first game from Super Creative based on its own in-house engine, so you could imagine what an achievement this is for a new studio! This deal will utilize Smilegate’s global publishing expertise, while leveraging on Epic Seven’s IP power. Both sides agreed not to disclose the financials involved. The future is definitely bright! Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Epic Seven Accounts for players.
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