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Far Cry New Dawn Uses a Different Approach to Liberating Outposts
The Carmina cannot actually take off. However, as a seaplane, it can propel itself across water like a speedboat, and can even travel overland. Get in, and shoot the doors open with the front-mounted machine gun. The route downriver will take you through a series of obstacles and Highwaymen patrols, including plenty of boats. Keep moving, and keep shooting, especially at the explosive barrel clusters which you'll see floating in the lakes and rivers. You don't want to get too close, as the Carmina isn't extremely sturdy.
The Far Cry New Dawn Expeditions can be accessed from one of the eight facilities in Prosperity; the helipad. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Buy Far Cry New Dawn Credits, you possibly can email us on our own page. There, you'll see a helicopter covered in a tarpaulin. Speak to Roger, the helicopter pilot, and he'll mention being able to take you on Expeditions. However, you won't be able to set out until you start upgrading the helipad with Ethanol. If you don't have enough yet, set out into Hope County and capture a Highwaymen Outpost or two. Each you capture an Outpost, you'll be rewarded with Ethanol. You should quickly be able to amass enough to upgrade the helipad and get started with Expeditions.
The same goes for the story. New Dawn is a standalone game, but it's not a one-off experiment in the mold of the cyberpunk-tinged Blood Dragon or the Stone Age-themed Far Cry Primal. It's more of a small, direct sequel to Far Cry 5. The good thing is that, while New Dawn looks and feels incredibly familiar, it manages to mostly get away from the narrative and thematic issues that plagued Far Cry 5. It doesn't pretend to have anything to say. But it also introduces some of its own problems. New Eden, the violent religious cult that was your main enemy in the previous game, returns in New Dawn, but this time as a kindler, gentler kind of cult.
But, as with just about everything good in post-apocalyptic Hope County, here comes the bad: these loot boxes are guarded by Highwaymen scavengers who will race you to it and shoot anyone in their path. Stay alert, fellow scavengers. Played the right way, the game's RPG-style systems basically feel invisible, and you can enjoy Far Cry's style of weighty gunplay and feel like an incredibly competent one-person army. The feeling of eventually being able to overcome New Dawn's elite enemies is good, but you're left wondering why you needed to be held back by artificial gating at all.
Now you have the option to scavenge the Outpost for even more additional Ethanol. However, note that this will shift the control of the Outpost back to the enemies, and will raise the difficulty (with harder enemies) and even more Ethanol should you capture it again. The difficulty will be raised to a maximum of Level 3 if you keep on capturing and scavenging thereby resulting into more ethanol. Aside from some uncomfortable revisionist history regarding Far Cry 5's main villains, New Dawn has all of the elements for a great Far Cry experience.
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