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FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Frequent connection loss problem solution
FIFA 18 was the most popular football simulation game which was developed by EA Sports for PS4, XboxOne, Switch, iOS and Android and published on 26 September 2017. Features Frostbite Engine, Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and new leagues like CSL, FIFA 18 was one of the best football video game in 2014, surpassed by its descendents.

However, there are some users who get frequent connection loss issues while playing the FIFA 18 FUT. If you too are getting the same issue or we can say error, here we have a proper solution to this error. Let’s check it out!

If we talk about the EA Servers, they are loading very high nowadays as the number of players of this game are in millions and they put high load on the servers. Due to this reason, some users are losing their connection in between the gameplay.

There are many types of connection errors that thousands of users of the FIFA 18 Ultimate Team get. We have listed down some of the most common connection issues on the game.

Connection Issues on FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Game :

    Due to connection drops in the middle of the game
    Trouble connecting to the original Server of the game
    High Lag
    Trouble finding out the opponents against
    Can’t connect to the FUT server even if it shows connected

These are the most common issues face by thousands of users of this game and they are all related to connection issue to the server. There is not a proper fix available to solve this particular issue on the game, however we have listed down some of the best fixes which you can try out within the game.

In a nutshell, poor Internet connection or change in settings could be the reason behind the connection loss issue on the game. If you have fixed the connection of your Internet but still getting the same error on the game, you can follow below given list to fix this issue on the FIFA 18 game.

You can easily improve the connection of the game just by making some changes to your system. Following list of fixes will help you out to get rid of the connection issue on the FIFA 18 game.

1. Make sure the server is working fine
This is the most common fix to solve the connection issue on the FIFA 18 game. Before taking any decision, you need to make sure that the game is connected properly with the server. You can go ahead and check for the Server Status on your console and see if the server is working fine or not. Just go to the Settings option and you should see the option to check out the server connection on the game.

2. Switch your current account
If you are not connecting to the server with your account, you can try out connecting with another account. Just logout from your current account and try switching out to a newer account. This is how you can check if the connection issue is still there.

3. Restart your entire system with Router
If the above solutions don’t work for you, we recommend you to kindly restart the entire system and the Wi-Fi router for once. This way you can reboot the connection and it will start connecting to the serves automatically.

4. Test out your Connection
It is better to connect all the wires and other important equipments on the device again. You should unplug the wires and plug them back to your system. This way you can re-connect the consoles and it should fix the connection error on the game.

5. Check your Wireless Signal
It is better to check your Wi-Fi connection before making any decision. Make sure you are connected with good WiFi network having high-speed Internet connection. Sometimes, poor Internet connection is the reason behind such connection issues on the phone.

6. Make use of Wired Connection
Most of the players around the world are playing this game over the Wi-Fi connection. We recommend you to kindly make use of Wired connection to connect the console.

7. Maximize your Bandwidth
If you are using low bandwidth connection, you should maximize the bandwidth of your connection first. Low bandwidth connection not able to transfer data to servers properly and causes connection error issues.

8. Close down the background programs
If you are playing this game on a PC and getting the same Connection Loss error all the time, we recommend you to kindly quit all the programs and apps which are running in your phone’s background. You can simply quit them if they are not in use while playing this game.

9. Make sure to Clear Cache and Data
Just like Android smartphones, you can try out this trick on a PC games as well. Games save the data with cache and game data. You should clear the cache and the data of the game from your system. After this, reboot the system and try to connect with the server. By clearing the cache, you will refresh all the data of the game and this is how the error should be solved quickly on the game.

10. Try out another ISP
If none of the above mentioned tricks don’t work for you, the final step you can take is trying out another ISP. The poor connection or blocked servers could be the reason behind the connection issues on the game. You should change the ISP of your game to fix the connection loss issue on the game.

So folks, these are some of the most useful tips or we can say fixes to solve the Connection Issues in FIFA 18 Ultimate Team game. The above solutions may help you out to fix the issue while playing the game on a respective gaming console.

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