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Grounded is a truly unique survival game

Grounded Game PC Obsidian's newest game Grounded is currently in Xbox Game Preview and the team has recently shared a roadmap of the new environments enemies and more that players can expect before the experience hits version 1.0. A survival game that's best described as the gaming successor to the old Honey I Shrunk The Kids play place at Disney World Obsidian released the game about a month ago. Playable in either first or third person players shrink down to the size of ants and try to survive in the yard while gathering resources and fending off newly potent threats.

If you haven't yet played Grounded you're missing out on a truly unique survival game. Survival games are a dime a dozen these days and it takes something unique for them to stand out and that's exactly what Obsidian has done here. Players are shrunk down to the size of bugs and plopped down into a backyard with one mission: survive!

The main goal is simple enough. Players have to work together to fight off all manner of hungry insects and arachnids crafting armor and weapons and building strange structures in and around the towering lunchboxes and misplaced electronics scattered about the forests of tree-sized blades of grass.

The last big item of note has to do with spiders: they're going to be much tougher for players to take down. They'll still have their basic bite of course but they'll also be making use of a new set of deadly attacks to terrorize the pint-sized players.

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