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How to Add Some Points in the MapleStory 2 Berserker and the New Gameplay Features
MapleStory 2 has added a couple of new gameplay features as part of its annual winter update cycle. The latest patch boasts a fishing minigame as well as the ability for players to compose their own music and perform concerts. In a battle royale game, it’s kill or be killed, but for a few weeks in MapleStory 2, those differences might be set aside for the Dark GM event happening in Mushking Royale.
The Warrior's first choice is calculated from the Darkness 0 layer. The damage gap is about 18%. The dark breath is full and then the energy is full and then the calculation begins. The figure is not cut, it is about 170W, and the damage gap is 38%. In actual combat, if the darkness is broken, the damage gap will be drastically reduced. However, the soldiers can strike with the eager use of blood, and the whirlwind is over. The following is the damage that the warrior strikes and the blood desire to use.
The whole process of using the 1st blood craving, you can see that under this model, the bleeding hits about 10W. If you order a full-scale whirlwind, it will increase by 8%. If you hit a full-scale fighter, you will improve by about 5 %about.
The defensive penetration of the battle heart and the damage increase of the blood sacrifice are literal meanings, directly increasing the percentage damage. The actual lifting effect of the battle heart is slightly larger than the value of the defense penetration. Other posts in this forum should be calculated. Other dark dominators, emptiness and darkness are all fighters in spicy chicken. Of course, it may be that posture is wrong. When other friends find these skills bright, please tell me about it, but there are The skill is to mention the earthquake in the lower right corner.

Few Weeks in MapleStory 2


One minute CD, hit 7W6 damage, and only use 1 point skill point and does not affect the output of your fighters. If you beloved this report and you would like to get far more data with regards to MapleStory 2 Currency kindly check out the web-site. 1 point skill point increases total damage by 4%.
The front picture is full of power, the latter picture is full crit, crit will reduce the amount of crit points due to the increase in equipment, but will also be subject to the bonus of crit damage, in the absence of crit damage bonus, try to point power. However, the ability to wash at random, you can wear the equipment to play the stakes to choose the distribution method that suits you.
The Strongest Damage Plus
This addition is very well understood, because the priest will give you blood, so the adrenaline is very little, don't give up, then discard 4% of the damage on the blood sacrifice to fill the bleeding and point out the earthquake, very Cost-effective, this point needs you to keep BOSS bleeding throughout the whole process, blood sacrifices and earthquakes also need to see the situation open, there is a certain amount of operating space.
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