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IFA 18, Reports of cheating plague
This is a weekly mode that most FIFA pros play in, as it gives you a chance to qualify for actual tournaments.

Cheaters are reportedly plaguing FIFA 18’s FUT Champions mode, causing yet more outrage from the community

A wave of cheating is reportedly rolling acrossat the moment.

According to reports from a number of prominent figures in the FIFA 18 community, the issue is surrounding FUT Champions mode.

As such, it’s highly competitive. So much so, that cheaters are using the so-called ‘no loss glitch’ to avoid getting a loss in the Weekend League.

Players have to complete 40 games over the weekend, and are ranked based on performance. However, it seems disconnecting from matches early when you’re losing allows you to avoid the game recording your loss.

Normally, doing so would mean you would automatically lose the game 3-0.

There are fears that legitimate pros could be missing out on tournaments because cheaters are pushing them out of the top 100 spots.

This reportedly led to people being flown to various places around the world for tournaments, where they instantly lost to actual pros because they had cheated to get there.

The issue arose when pro player Krasimir ‘Krasi’ Ivanov was accused of cheating after  being seen disconnecting from a match he was losing, and his record was unaffected.

MattHDGamer likened the problem to a glitch from several years ago where a glitch allowed cheaters to force their opponents out of the match.

Right now there are conflicting reports over how exactly the glitch works. Some say that using your phone as a hotspot to connect your console to the Internet allows you to disconnect whenever you like without recording a loss.

Others are reporting it’s as simple as disconnecting your console when you’re losing.

Either way, EA Sports needs to correct the problem before the community outrage gets even larger.

The publisher has already been under fire recently, as the , asking the company to fix a people have with this year’s iteration of the game.
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