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Improvements to Vanguard and Chambers of Xeric have been released to old school RuneScape
Jagex’s two games are back in our news rotation once again, with RuneScape showing off its artwork for Archaeology and Old School RuneScape applying some adjustments to the Chambers of Xeric.

In RuneScape’s seemingly endless Making of Archaeology video series, players can get a deep dive into nearly everything that went into the creation of the Archaeology skill’s art assets, from concept art of dig sites to environment creation and texturing to animation of flying and characters. For fans of this kind of thing, it’s a pretty insightful look, though there is the usual TL;DW if you’re not keen on watching over an hour’s worth of footage.

Meanwhile, OSRS players are getting the first updates that were voted for in Poll 71. These updates are focused primarily on the vanguards room in the Chambers of Xeric, with adjustments to the vanguards’ stats, a swap of the melee vanguard’s magic defense with its melee defense, reduced aggro range, and guarantee of at least one Overload from the vanguards.

Due to community polling, vanguard stats have seen some changes. For example, defense has been reduced, with HP increasing. Additionally, the melee vanguard’s high magic defense has been exchanged with melee defense. Aggro range and spawn positions have been tweaked as well, with the former being reduced. Finally, at least one Overload is guaranteed. However, more changes will come regarding HUD and more.

Chambers of Xeric has seen improvements as well, specifically, the following issues received fixes:

    Rebalanced the scavenger beasts’ loot table to include a more reasonable amount of cicelies and endarkened juice.
    Altered the positions of crystals in one of the crab rooms, to not be as much of a hindrance on raids efficiency.
    Fixed an issue where players would be hit by Vespula’s melee attack if the Abyssal Portal died.

Further Chambers of Xeric adjustments include things like a rebalancing the scavenger beasts’ loot table, adjusted positions for crystals in crab rooms so they’re not a hindrance, and a fix for an issue with Vespula’s melee attack if the Abyssal Portal died. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap OSRS Money for players.
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