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League of Legends: Wild Rift will officially arrive in 2020
Riot has announced that League of Legends: Wild Rift will officially arrive in 2020. And obviously, there will be pre-tests for players to freely experience.According to Riot’s information, the skills of these champions may change slightly, but they will not lose the identity they have on the PC version. Recently, a very interesting information has been revealed, in an interview with two developers of Singapore Riot Games Jia Tan and Jan Chen, LoL Mobile will have “monopoly champions” – meaning only own in LoL: Wild Rift and players on PC will not have.

One of the most important differences will be the different champion pools. This much was confirmed by Riot themselves via an interview with Barry Carry on YouTube. Namely, Wild Rift will not have all the champions from League of Legends. While this may sound disappointing to some fans, the answer given by the Rioter was also followed by a question that "should be asked" - will all the Wild Rift champions be present in League of Legends? In addition, Cheap LOL Wild Rift Account is on hot sale at our website

While this is not the explicit "there are champions exclusive to Wild Rift" statement, it is the closest thing we will get right up until they get revealed. Furthermore, this direction would make sense for Riot Games in order to keep both Wild Rift and traditional League of Legends appealing as opposed to one overshadowing the other.

Besides, even the existing champions will behave differently in the two games. The best example is the curved Enchanted Crystal Arrow that will be controllable much like Yuumi's skill shot.

On top of that, a more explicit confirmation was the one regarding esports. Wild Rift will have esports of its own but it remains to be seen how and whether the events would interact with those of League of Legends for the purposes of cross-promotion. The most recent All-Star event was filled to the brim with Teamfight Tactics content, after all.
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