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Madden NFL 18 competition highlights and features
Madden NFL 18is an American football simulation video game, developed by EA Sports and published for PS4 & XboxOne in 2017. Features all features of authentic National Football League, unique Ultimate Team Mode, Franchise Mode, Longshot Career Mode. Players will feel like playing real football in Madden 18.

Here’s more proof that TV believes in the future of eSports as a viable entertainment option. The CW will air a one-hour special featuring the very popular Madden NFL 18 video game on December 27. According to The CW, the program will provide an inside look at this month’s Madden NFL competition in Los Angeles.

As The CW is filled with programs from the DC Comics universe and targets a younger audience, the network feels eSports is a perfect compliment. This will be the fourth eSports special that The CW will have aired. And this one on Madden NFL will be the biggest video game to get a special.

The show will focus on the eight players who will participate in the competition and EA Sports will produce the program like Survivor, which airs on sister network CBS. So those used to seeing live play, like on Twitch, won’t see that on The CW.

The actual competition will take place between December 18-22 and it will be streamed live on Facebook, Mixer, Twitch and YouTube. And because the competition will end before CW’s airing, EA can add some elements and features similar to how NBC would produce the Olympics on tape delay.

Some of the coverage from the competition will air on The CW special, but there will be new footage shot specifically for The CW. EA Madden NFL 18 Challenge will air on December 27 at 8 p.m. ET/PT and 7 p.m. CT/MT.

And if you miss the original airing, the show will be on the CW’s website and app for three months.
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