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MIR4 managed to rank first on the download chart rankings of Korea main app market
MIR4 is a new triple-A MMORPG that features a vast new world to explore and enemies to fight. MIR4, with its amazing storyline and in-game mechanics, brings players a game that seems very promising.

MIR4 managed to rank first on the download chart rankings of Korea’s main app market and created a good player base. Yep MIR4 received a lot of positive responses from global players for its interesting battle system between clans competing for “Valley”, the main source of Darksteel.

This global opening follows the successful completion of the four-day closed beta test (CBT), as of August 8. Players who responded well to the CBT are being used to improve service quality.

MIR4 embodies the mysterious and elegant beauty of the Orient in an MMORPG game. Unique features that have attracted keen interest from players include:
  • High level of character customization, allowing players to fine-tune appearance
  • 'Clan', which enables players to progress and grow with other clan members
  • 'Free Loot', which enables players to strategize and to compete for treasure dropped by the field boss
  • 'Mystery', which gives the ability to travel around continents and unravel the hidden stories of MIR4.

The game that launched this Thursday, allows players to collect utility coins known as DRACO. Then, the coins can be exchanged for Darksteel, an essential resource used in the game, and vice versa. Utility coins or tokens are a form of cryptocurrency that can be exchanged for a good or service.

Blockchain technology in this game allows the use of utility coins and DRACO . Yep later, players can exchange the utility coin DRAKO with Darksteel, an important resource used in the MIR4 game.

You can even opt for the crossplay feature of the game throughout platforms such as Steam, App Store, and Google Play Store. However, only three regions are available – NA, ASIA, and EU with several servers available for each region. Also, the game is infused with cryptocurrency and NFTs transactions, which is sure to entice crypto enthusiasts into playing the game. Unfortunately, this is a scarce opportunity for any RPG player.

MIR4 Gold refers to the game currency available in MIR4. Gold is a key to access any type of content. Like in real life you can buy necessary things like items, equipments, weapons, armors, gears, and lots of other useful stuff. And of course, with gold, you can treat yourself with a new mount or even buy a Spirit. By completing tasks or killing enemies or selling their own idle items, you can get certain amount of MIR 4 Gold, but each player's energy and time are limited. Therefore, the best, easiest, fastest way to get cheap MIR4 Global Gold is by purchasing MIR 4 Currency at!
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