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Modus Games Partners with Pixile Studios,Free-to-Play and available now
During the boom of the Battle Royale genre, gamers were able to see the birth of some phenomena and a multitude of generic products. Thus, after some time, the options were filtered in a natural way and only games of unmatched quality remained active.

Super Animal Royale is a battle-royale with a zoological twist. Play as your favorite cuddly, genetically modified animal picked from 300+ breeds, find your style with 600+ cosmetic items, and jump off the back of a Giant Eagle into a 64-player fight to the death!

Super Animal Royale also transitions today to a fully free-to-play model. While still in Early Access on Steam, the change means all gamers can now join their friends in-game to earn cosmetics, participate in events, and enjoy the game’s new 32 vs 32 “S.A.W. (Super Animal World) vs. Rebellion” game mode completely free of charge!

“We are thrilled to finally announce our partnership with Pixile,” said Shane Bierwith, EVP of global marketing at Modus Games. “Super Animal Royale is an insanely fun game that bridges an accessibility gap in the battle royale genre. The shift to free-to-play is just the first of many exciting announcements ahead.”

“Working with Modus has bumped the possibilities for our game to the next level,” said Michael Silverwood, co-founder of Pixile Studios. “We can’t wait to see where our partnership takes us and how the public responds to what we have in store!”  

Silverwood also said, “We’re excited to reach more players and introduce them to the great community that’s grown around the game!”

The game puts “cute animals” in the midst of brutal conflicts and offers a noteworthy Battle Royale experience. With this new free phase, the game will receive even more players and will finally have the chance to "prove its worth".

Currently, there are over 300 animal breeds to choose from in-game. Plus, you can further customize your persona with over 600 cosmetic items. However, the co-founder of Pixile Studios, Michael Silverwood, says that the partnership with Modus Games has allowed the developer to scale up its ambitions. So, expect a lot more cosmetic flair over the horizon, as well as new weapons, gear, vehicles, and more.

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