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Next-gen NBA 2K21 is better, but fewer players

NBA 2K21 MT Coins Unlike a number of other publishers publisher 2K Games has chosen not to just give you an upgrade to next-gen. If you have purchased the Mamba Edition of NBA 2K21 on the PS4 you will get that upgrade but the regular version is not enough and makes you have to buy the game again. So that is something to take into account. However if you missed the PS4 version this next-gen version is great to get started with. These are the points that struck me.

Even the menus have been on the receiving end of some beautification. Everything seems that bit more elegantly presented and polished. It’s a little thing but it makes this version of the game just feel that bit special. The blisteringly fast load times help too. Whereas before it was a bit of a pain moving from one menu to another here everything moves seamlessly. And when progressing into a game you don’t even have time for a sneaky peek at your favourite social media app on your phone.

NBA 2K21

Interestingly there has been some attention given to both MyGM and Cheap NBA 2K21 Coins MyLeague in the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 having the two games fused into a single mode called MyNBA. As an old-school franchise sim player I welcome the change because it simplifies the experience a bit while maintaining a lot of the charming complexities that can make those modes so much fun to play. I’m craving a more indepth and realistic franchise mode in future versions of NBA 2K but I absolutely love the customisation options available in MyNBA. It’s a slick change and improvement made all the more accessible by the faster load times.

NBA 2K21 on Xbox Series X will take up a substantial amount of storage as the next-gen basketball simulator requires over 100GB of space.

And you can take that progress with you to the PlayStation 5 without any problems. The data keeps going back and forth and progress is stored in the cloud. On the PS5 I did a lot of games of Domination and Triple Threat Offline. Playing online is a bit more difficult. That seems to be due to the fact that you play on European servers and can only compete against other PS5 players. Now that new game console is not very available so you will probably find fewer opponents in the upcoming time for the online games.

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