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Old School RuneScape on PC and mobile

Old School RuneScape GP In a nice paradox the Runefest is an opportunity for Old School RuneScape to shine at the same time as its elder of which it wants to be the ancestor. As for RuneScape the retro version of the game (we recall that it was launched five years ago to offer players a return to the game as it was in August 2007) takes advantage of the stage offered by the annual Jagex convention for illustrate its future.

Each “season” of the Deadman Mode Tournament spans over a three-month period. During this time players train in worlds with increased experience and item drop rates. The goal is to rank within the top two thousand players on the server. At the end of this period these top players will then be invited to fight in the week-long finale. After the two thousand players are selected the server resets and players have only one week to train their characters.

Old School RuneScape

RuneScape’s history spans 18 years first released as a browser-only game in 2001. For some it is nostalgia incarnate and for others it’s a relic from a bygone era. Pay heed however to Old School RuneScape and its rising success. Released in 2013 OSRS is a true-to-form recreation of RuneScape 2 as it was in 2007. OSRS Gold Beyond this the developers continue to release fresh new content that they select based on player polling. This new content comes in many forms not least of which is Deadman Mode.

In addition to the increased experience rates certain areas of Geilinor the Old School RuneScape universe are unavailable in Deadman Mode. The monsters inside both the Revenant Caves and the Lava Dragon Isles do not have their regular loot tables on the Deadman Mode worlds. The other area unavailable to players is the endgame boss Zulrah. In past editions of Deadman Mode the “Venom” mechanic was too potent for the average player as it can deal up to 20 damage every few seconds. The reason the mechanic was so unbalanced was the inability of players to clear the effect as the cure for this venom was locked behind the endgame boss Zulrah itself.

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