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Path of Exile Best Place and Way to Farm Uniques, POE How to Make Unique Items PS4/PC/Xbox One
How do you get uniques in Path of Exile? Do you find some uniques that you are interested, but find it hard to get them? To help you get uniques, we list some best place and ways to help you.


Path of Exile How to Make Uniques?
Unique items are dropped randomly, but as you go up in map tiers(End game, basically), you get a better chance of an unique at that item level. Map tiers each have an level of enemies, which causes the loot to be that item level. Example: a map with lvl 78 mobs, will end up dropping items in that item level range, and if a unique drops, will be that range aswell. Only a small percentage of unique items are exclusively dropped by bosses (and typically come at the endgame, but as you said there is also one from the first boss if you want to lose your fucking mind killing him nonstop for hours on end). Another percentage of uniques are ‘league specific’, meaning they only drop when certain game mechanics are active.
Unique items can be conjured by a specific Vendor Recipe, but the item levels will be equal to the lowest level components of the Vendor Recipe. Unique items can be earned as top-tier prizes on Event Competitions, but players should clear that not all competitions offer unique items as prizes. The method of getting unique items is by using a Vendor Recipe.
Finally, the least used method for earning unique items in the game is through the use of the Orb of Chance. By using them, players can transfer some normal items into unique items. An Orb of Chance is a currency item that can be used to upgrade a piece of normal equipment to a random rarity. This item can be acquired through the following upgrade paths or vendor recipes: 4 * The Fool & 5 * Emperor's Luck, and also you can get them by purchasing at
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