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Path of Exile went into closed beta testing
Digging deeper means more treasure and more rewards, spread across a variety of biomes including the lost civilizations of ancient history. It never ends, and only gets harder as you go, with areas eventually surpassing the end-game maps in challenge. The deepest dives will be tracked via a leaderboard called the Depth Ladder. The Azurite Mine is the star of the expansion, a dungeon with infinite depths that filled with an evil darkness. To push through the darkness, you need to follow the light of a helpful machine called the Crawler. Azurite you dig up along the way can be used to upgrade the Crawler or buy flares and crafting materials to use as you venture ever further from the safety of the light in your quest for treasure.
This league may be controversial, but there are a lot of good aspects to it. The best part, in my opinion, are the spell changes. Every spell feels much better to play now, and there are some surprise ‘overpowered’ pop-up spells that are very interesting. For example, someone in our group is playing Spark, and it is ten times better than it was before. It blew both our Storm Brand and Arc players out of the water, for damage, speed, and clear size.
There’s a small drawback however, in that to ensure the expansion is installed for Path of Exile on Xbox One, you must fully re-install the entire game. It’s not ideal, but if you’re enthused enough to get involved in the Path of Exile: Synthesis content, then it shouldn’t be too much hassle. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to Buy POE Currency, you can get hold of us at our own web-page. The Synthesis expansion also introduces two new spell-casting archetypes to the game the Holy and Chaos casters along with a host of new spells such as Divine Ire, Purifying Flame, Wave of Conviction and Soulrend.

The Atlas of Worlds has been updated too, with new positions for existing maps, and plenty more secret hideouts to discover attached to these maps. Furthermore, the Betrayal content is being integrated soon in to the core game due to popular demand, so there’s a lot going on in this free update.
We entered Closed Beta in August of 2011, with the first two Acts of Path of Exile available. This early version didn't have any form of microtransactions or even a trade screen. Players gained access through the popular "Beta Key Timer" on the website, which picked a random player to award Beta access to periodically, and showed everyone who it picked.
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