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Persona 4 Golden has clocked up 500,000 players on PC
Persona 4 Golden has hit 500,000 players on PC, according to Atlus. Released on June 13, Persona 4 Golden has seen 500,000 folks play the game on Steam.

"We're excited to announce that Persona 4 Golden has hit 500,000 players on PC! Thank you for all your support!" Atlus West tweeted excitedly earlier today, before showing off new art created by character designer Shigenori Soejima "to celebrate". "We hope you're enjoying #P4G and welcome back to the Midnight Channel!"

Persona 4 Golden, originally released for the PlayStation Vita in 2012, is an enhanced version of Persona 4, which was launched for the PlayStation 2 in 2008. New content included new characters, updated graphics, and more Personas to discover. The JRPG’s port to the PC broke out the game from the confines of the PlayStation Vita, and it appears that it was accepted well by Steam players.

In a follow-up tweet, developer Atlus noted that July 10 is also the 12th anniversary of Persona 4‘s launch for the PlayStation 2 in Japan, celebrating the date with an impressive achievement. In comparison, Persona 4 Golden sales for the PlayStation Vita in Japan have only reached about 324,000 units over the course of eight years, according to Siliconera, citing the Game Data Library. The game’s PC port took less than a month to surpass that figure, so it looks like Atlus made the right call.

With the success of Persona 4 Golden on Steam, it begs the question of whether the game will be rolled out on even more platforms in the near future. Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Persona 4 Golden Steam CD Key for players.
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