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Recommended for Civilian Players and What Player is Good for La Liga in FIFA 19 UT Mode
In the UT mode of FIFA 19, a reasonable lineup is essential, and some cheap and practical players can also beat the opponent. Many players don't know how to choose the lineup in La Liga. Regarding the La Liga, first of all, Condado is a must. The mentality is not good, and the control will occasionally be inserted after the stay, but the defensive hardness is very strong. There is also a strong long-range shot.
Isco or Black Caber Yedell can change Pujin Ben Yedell, the goalkeeper changes pantyhose. Benjayel feels like a low-priced Messi, very flexible, but his body and physical strength are not good. Gas has also been a surprise, very powerful, you can temporarily not buy the magic flute. Diego Costa is still good, as a high center, there are also shots and headers, and the ability to play is top.

UT Mode of FIFA 19


Let’s talk a little bit about the 4231 formation: first of all, this formation ST and the sidewalk are very important. At least one sidewalk is a burst point. The striker must be able to take the ball, play the ball on both sides and have a certain individual combat capability.
And this lineup in the PS is more than 200,000, the PC is also 30W, the liver is generally easy to get liver two days. The limited funds will of course give priority to the frontcourt, so the combination of the defenders can use these two super cheap combinations: Juan Jesus with Paulista. Although they are very cheap, they are really good to use, and the models are good. Left-backed Teres has nothing to say, physical strength is enough, eating shadow speed is enough, the pass value is very high, there is a speed and physical strength of the LB as long as more than 10,000 points, nothing to say.
In addition, this year EA wrote the addition of the chemical card directly into the game, the 99-speed and 95-sprint speed of the full-back, value. In case you have almost any issues about where by in addition to the best way to work with Buy FIFA 19 Coins, you possibly can email us on our own page. Right back, Barcelona Semedo, a cheap batch, four-star fancy plus 99 speed 90 + physical strength, the whole game is no problem, the most important thing is that his model is not too small, facing most of the wingers are can be a battle.
And this array is also mixed into the gods FRED and Condado, the two feels good, the key is that they can sometimes take a long shot and have 4 flowers and good passing, there is a certain waist in this version The ability to get off the ball and get rid of it is still very important. Lakazette eats hunters, and it's good to use. Sane's sudden impact is not enough. The two five-footed Dembele and MKH will make your passing organization much more comfortable.
If the sideline defense is not good, you can pull up one or two more. The full-back and the midfielder are all offensive. The striker and the winger look at their own play and set the sneak into the back or the default. If the speed is not 89, 90 or better, it is still the default, even if this speed is difficult to hit straight.
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