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Rise of Kingdoms has conquered the attention of gamers around the world
Rise of Kingdoms is a strategy. And like all strategy games, this game for effective and rapid development requires a special strategy in development.We reveals the secrets of this development in this article.

When starting the game you get to select your civilization. You can change your civilization later, and all civiliations have their own benefits, so it is not like you can make a fatal mistake, but it might be good to have a look at the possibile civilizations and chose one that suits your game play. Looking at the possible choices I favor Korea (for the research speed boost) or China (for the building speed boost), but actully all boosts are quite small.

After the civilization selection the real game starts. You will start with the Counselor character taking your through a tutorial. For first time players it is good to walk through this slowly as the game can get complicated because of its many different features. The tutorial does a reasonable job of explaining the absolute basics, but there is just too much functionality you should know to understand this game.

Buildings are divided into two main classes, Economic and Military. A third category of decorative items is also available for gamers seeking a bit more aesthetics. The city hall is the core of the city. The Economic class contains buildings like farm, lumber mill, quarry, gold mine, academy and storage. As the name suggests, Military buildings deal with troops. Barracks, archery range, stable, tavern, scout camp, hospital and siege workshop are part of this class.

You are going to want to make an army as soon as possible, although you are protected by a shield for the first couple of days, there are such tasks as defeating Barbarians that are essential to complete Achievements and some Daily Tasks, and lets' face it you're gonna want to be tooled up in for when your shield does eventually drop! There are four military buildings that you will need to make; Barracks, Stable, Archery Range, Siege Workshop. So go ahead and make all four of these as a priority and start building up your army. While your army is being trained, you cannot upgrade that specific building. Finally, to enjoy all the features in the game, players can Buy ROC Resources from at a reasonable price.
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