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Rocket League Blueprints System Detailed by Psyonix
Earlier today, Psyonix released a little more info on the new Blueprints system that will be added to Rocket League soon. We now know that when the update goes live, Crates that players have in their inventory will be converted to “unrevealed” Blueprints. Those can be revealed, at no cost, to show what item can be created. Then you get to choose whether to spend Credits on building the item or not. Revealed Blueprints and items built from Blueprints will be tradeable, but not unrevealed versions.

You get a chance to win Blueprints after Online Matches, and you can build items by spending Credits, trade them to someone else, or keep them for later. Existing Crates will be converted to Blueprints after the update, although they'll be 'unrevealed', with players able to unlock them for no cost to show what item is included. If you want to Buy Rocket League Money, I think is your best choice, after all, the site has been officially certified,so it's very safe.

Revealed Blueprints and items built from them can be traded, as will free drops and tradable items before the system comes in. Unrevealed Blueprints aren't tradable though. Credits can be traded too, as long as the other party in the trade doesn't include their own Credits, as can event items and Rocket Pass items from Pro Tiers. That said, you can't trade Credits for Credits, nor can you trade Credits for nothing, and you can't trade items from the Item Shop, Bonus Gifts and items from them, or Esports Shop items.

Finally, Decryptors will be leaving the game once the new update rolls around. Any Decryptors you still have in your inventory will be converted to Bonus Gifts. These feature items from the Vindicator Crate series and the first Blueprint series called “Revival.” That’s all we know for now, but we’ll find out more in December as we approach Rocket League’s next massive update.

2019 has been a big year for Rocket League, despite the game being over four years old now. Earlier this year, Psyonix was bought by Epic Games, which saw Rocket League moving over to the Epic Games Store (although it's also still available on Steam). Paid Crates were also removed from the game in both Belgium and the Netherlands; soon the rest of the world will follow.
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