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Star Chef is an incredibly engaging and joyful experience
At first look Star Chef looks extremely cookie cutter. There's very little to distinguish it from other games in the genre that are present on Facebook. Bhat tells us that it's this look and feel that appeals with the company's audience. There definitely is more than meets the eye.

Bhat tells us that Star Chef is targeted at those who have played management games such as Chefville, but it also opens itself up to a whole new audience. As Kim Kardashian: Hollywood has proved, there's a vast yet silent audience who crave simple gameplay even if it means the aesthetics aren't the greatest. The focus on usability and a steady stream of rewards make it an alternative for those who want to play video games without the learning curve brought on by more complex titles.

"These games are essentially time management games. Star Chef sits squarely between the two types of games in this space in terms of pacing. It's not as fast-paced as Diner Dash, and it's not as slow as the host of farming games we've seen on most platforms," she says. By the way, you can buy cheap Star Chef Accounts from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “Z2U”.

Pacing aside, the game has a few unique features such as real-time trading. What this means is players can acquire recipes, make a host of dishes, and sell them via food truck for in-game currency. It's one of the major reasons for the game having a daily active user base of 40,000. While this dwarfs the daily active users for heavyweights like Hay Day, it's still early days for 99Games. There's still growth potential for the studio.

What's interesting is that Star Chef isn't your usual Indian-developed game. Then again, a large part of 99Games' portfolio doesn't fit your archetypical local developer fare, most of which are cricket games or clones of globally proven successes such as endless runners - not games that appeal to a burgeoning audience of women globally in the 25 to 60 demographic; an under-served group that is today a significant portion of the potential audience.
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