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Super Mecha Champions adds an exciting GVG Mode and festive premium skins
“Super Mecha Champions,” developed by NetEase Games, is a Mecha-themed competitive mobile game. SMC has been recommended in the App stores across hundreds of countries worldwide. Its outstanding quality and exciting gaming experience made the game Google Play’s Best Innovative Game of 2019 in Thailand and Indonesia. To celebrate the Spring Festival in China, SMC releases an exciting GVG Mode, festive premium skins and in-game bonuses!

The new season of Frozen Raid available since December 5th has been receiving positive feedback. The all-new Snow Mode and the winter-themed items – Ice Wall Creator and Mecha Reset Units have brought new tactics into the game and helped many players to perform outstandingly.

First off, latest update adds the action-packed GVG Mode. This is a 2v2 mecha fight that requires players to select 3 mechas for their team. If your mecha's health drops to zero, it'll be booted out of the round and replaced by a new pilot-summoned mecha.Victory can be achieved by destroying your rival's entire fleet, which is probably easier said than done. The mode aims to challenge the player's ability to successfully prep for battles and operate their mechas with great skill.

In January, the SMC League has implemented a number of updates. On January 2nd, S3 Premium Lucky House becomes available with the New Season’s Exclusive Collection; The new firearm “Cryo Gun” has turned the tides of many battles. On January 9th, the New Mecha “Doomsday Trio” officially made its debut in the SMC Arena; The new Custom Room system is also available, and players may match up with their friends in Team Deathmatch mode.As the Spring Festival is on the horizon, the SMC League has stepped on the gas to bring awesome updates and generous benefits to our beloved players.

To celebrate the arrival of the Spring Festival, the SMC League has brought to you the Spring Festival Special Edition Lucky House. The Lucky House contains the exclusive Spring Festival Skin series and a whole lot of festive ambiance.The Spring Festival ambiance has filled the Mecha City, and Ning is already dressed up in her new dress! The passionate red represents her earnest wish for all players. In this new year, Ning will continue to accompany you to glory! Stay tuned to and we will be the first one to inform you all the latest. Besides, our website also offer Cheap Super Mecha Champions Accounts for players.
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