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The first World of Tanks Update of 2020 Arrives
The first World of Tanks Update of 2020 just hit and it’s full of double barrel ammunition. Wargaming’s premier tank battling action game has just received update 1.7.1 and it brings a whole army of new munitions to the fight. A trio of heavies enters the front lines, each of which carries their own double barrel guns. Each fo the three new additions to this massively multiplayer online arms race are Soviet in origin.

The first in this new line of heavies is the IS-2-II. Those tankers who found an Object 703 II in their New Year Boxes should feel right at home with the IS-2-II as they handle similarly. However, the new, researchable Tier VIII gunslinger will forsake some of its one-time damage for a faster reload time.

Landing at tier IX and tier X respectively, these two twin gunners, like the IS-2-II, are able of firing both their guns consecutively or in thundering salvos, bringing some series fire power to the battlefield. While the guns atop the IS-3-II can bring 390 points of damage to bear, the ST-II can let slip 440 damage points per round and carries two of these turrets on board. In addition, Cheap WOT Gold is on hot sale at our website

“The concept of double-barreled tanks haunted many a tank engineer,” says Max Chuvalov, World of Tanks Publishing Director at Wargaming. “But due to various reasons, no such project has ever been brought to life. Yet in our game, you can ride these monsters into battle looking just as they would have come to be.”

Besides the two-barreled Soviet heavies, Update 1.7.1 offers tankers a very useful tool: the Demount Kit. It allows players to demount equipment from a vehicle without any Gold cost. And for those who like making their tanks look stunning, they will have access to several new 3D styles.
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