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The next-gen version of NBA 2K21 would be a completely new game
When the trailers started to drop for NBA 2K21 on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, I began to salivate. It was so difficult trying to work out if I was watching actual gameplay or highlights from the NBA season. It certainly looked the part, and not only were the visuals on another level, 2K began to announce a slew of new features that made it feel as though the next-gen version of NBA 2K21 would be a completely new game. I enjoyed it on PS4, but like most sports games this year, it didn’t feel fresh, and many of the lingering issues were still present.

The issue here isn’t that of quality, the presentation and gameplay is as polished as long time veterans of the franchise will have come to expect, but there simply isn’t much else to justify a purchase over previous titles in what is one of the most popular annual franchises. Last year, 2K was heavily (and rightly) criticized for its gross approach to microtransactions. While that’s been reduced somewhat, depending on the version of 2K21 that gamers picked up on launch day, the act of buying VC (the in-game currency) will still very much be a requirement to rising up the ranks quickly, especially in MyTeam mode which is again titled toward incentivizing something that feels close to play to win on the VC front.

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Minor issues aside, Visual Concepts continues to deliver stellar gameplay that looks and feels straight out of the NBA. The new-gen tech has only added more authenticity and variety to the on-court action. Being able to change up the speed of your dribble and size-up moves makes ball-handling feel great and gives you tons of options. I loved being able to use hesitations, escapes, stepbacks, and crosses to throw off defenders, and this new dribbling quickly became my favorite upgrade. Passes also look more realistic, especially alley-oops off the glass to teammates. A new lead-pass mechanic, alongside the addition of bounce-touch passes, makes it so you always have varied ways situations can play out.

Whilst The W adds an WNBA career mode, you can’t take the character into The City. It’s still men only, and I have no idea why. Not only will it make the area feel busier, but it’s street basketball. There are no real rules, and those that exist would allow both sexes to play together. Hopefully, this is something that gets added either at a later date or for the next iteration, because I feel like 2K are missing a trick there. Another problem with The City is the gameplay. It’s never felt as tight as it is when playing offline. I also suffered some lagging online, which wasn’t down to my internet. It caused the game to pause and my player giving a turnover due to my inability to play.

NBA 2K21 on PlayStation 5 play and feel very real! Graphically, the title has undergone a significant upgrade, also testified by the large number of GBs that it occupies on your next generation consoles. The play of lights on the parquet, the models of the players, the aforementioned animations, and all the small details notable while playing just proves what the PlayStation 5 is capable of.

So is it worth the upgrade? Cosmetically, hell to the yes. NBA 2K21 shines with the myriad of monumental upgrades and facelifts that forego the archaic designs of yesteryear. Gameplay wise, just don’t expect to be comepletely blown away here. It’s more or less the exact same experience on the PS4. Visually stunning, and just fun to play, NBA 2K21 is an awesome sports title for fans of the genre to own and appreciate before developers decide to completely overhaul their engine heading into the next generation. With that said, here is our original review that reflects more of our thoughts of the title in its entirety.

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