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The price for the clone service will be reduced from $35 to $15 per character
Blizzard writes on its forum to adjust the price 'after a lot of feedback from the community'. The developer claims to have based that previous price on the prices of other optional items and services. Blizzard says the character cloning service is new to the company.

Those who want to stay with Classic will switch to the Classic Era servers, without expansion, will remain level cap 60 and World of Warcraft as it originally appeared. Blizzard also offers the option to clone characters for use in both WoW Classic and The Burning Crusade Classic. Blizzard then takes a snapshot of a character as it was right before the pre-patch introduction, including items in the inventory and friends list. Clone deactivation is not possible.

In 2019, World of Warcraft Classic was the re-release of the well-known role-playing game World of Warcraft. Now Classic is getting the first major expansion in the form of Burning Crusade, a remake of the 2007 expansion for World of Warcraft. Burning Crusade Classic allows veteran players of the franchise as well as newcomers to get through the Dark Portal into Outland.

It can get expensive: The Pass to the Dark Portal allows you to boost a character directly to level 58. However, this costs a hefty 40 euros and is also not applicable to the new blood elves and draenei races.

Also quite expensive: If you want to play with your hero in WoW Classic as well as in Burning Crusade, you have to clone your character. But you also have to pay 35 euros for this. If you do not use this service, you have to decide whether you want to stay in Classic or play Burning Crusade.

Those who choose the regular WoW Classic will go to Classic Era servers and will keep level cap 60 and World of Warcraft as it appeared. However, for a fee, players can also choose to clone their character to play with the same character on both servers. Then Blizzard will take a snapshot of the character as it was before the pre-patch introduction. Among other things, a character's objects and friend list are cloned. Clone deactivation is not possible. Users on Reddit, among others, complained about the high price of the clone at the time.

Regardless of whether you are just playing with the idea of ​​keeping a character on both a Classic server and an era server, or whether you have already made a solid plan: Everyone will be happy that the WoW developers said the negative -Have received feedback from the community. As Community Manager Kaivax notes in the WoW forums, the price for the clone service will be reduced from 35 euros to 15 euros per character. "A lower price will likely still achieve our goals with the new service, while also giving many more players the ability to play characters on both the Classic-era and Burning Crusade Classic realms," said Kaivax.

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