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The Sea of Thieves Lost Treasures update adds a ton of new mechanics and features
The Sea of Thieves content updates keep on coming. So much has been added to the game of late that there’s almost too much for players to do. This latest update, Lost Treasures, adds even more in-game events, features, and mechanics while also fixing some long-standing hit registration problems and client/server instability.

Being able to save your progress during Tall Tales is a game-changer. As a pirate with a real-life job playing with another working person with pesky Earthly responsibilities, taking on Tall Tales missions can be a roll-of-the-dice. Without knowing exactly how long it'll take to complete them, we're all too often forced to turn our Sloop into shore in the middle and lose all the progress we made. Now, pre-defined checkpoints will offer a safe exit when needed. Better yet, the new Sea of Thieves updates adds tooltips to the on-board map to make Tall Tales missions less confusing.

Lost Treasures also adds daily bounties, with gold and doubloon rewards that will vary based on the difficulty of the task: Maybe you'll have to kill some skeletons, or maybe you'll just need to get drunk and vomit on the floor. (Developer Rare noted that the daily bounty reset time in the video is a bit off: It's actually 12 am UTC, which works out to 1 am BST/5 pm PDT the previous day.) And if you want to buy Sea of Thieves Accounts, visit, a professional online in-game currency store.

In addition, players can look forward to weekly and one-time events. During this update, every Friday is Fort Night, which increases the returns on all Stronghold treasure taken from Skeleton Forts. There’s also a Reaper’s Rewards event that brings increased payment for Reaper’s Chests and Reaper’s Bounties and some new emotes to earn, as well as the return of the Hunter’s Haul fishing event.

That's not all. New and returning time-limited events are giving you new rewards to earn from turning in treasure. The return of Hunter's Haul today gives you ancient coins in exhange for Ruby Splashtails, and you can spend your loot on the new fish-themed fishing pole. There's also a ship set and outfit inspired by the "annoyingly-abundant" fish. And kicking off Thursday, May 28, Reaper's Rewards nets you new treasure, including new emotes, when you trade in Reaper's Chests and Bounties to Reaper's Bones. Finally, June 10 will introduce a new Blighted Ship set inspired by State of Decay, available to pirates who complete the associated Blighted Bonus event.
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