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UT Mode in FIFA 19 Premier League Land Reclamation lineup and Players Recommended
FIFA 19 UT mode how to choose the starting lineup, or which players are easy to use, I believe that many players are entangled in the problem, now we brought it to share the FIFA 19 UT mode Premier League land reclamation lineup recommended, For reference.
The Premier League started the wilderness battle 2W, the novice can play for 2 days, the price of the next half month will be very outrageous floating every moment, so the price will not be particularly accurate.
In FIFA 19, the reasonable use of the previous gold coins and card packs can bring great convenience to subsequent play. Many novice players do not know how to use gold coins and card packs cost-effectively. Do not open the package with gold coins. The rate of opening the package is touching, just enough. After a little later in the middle of the night, you can drive to the latest week black pure black card.
Novices prioritize the completion of novice tasks. In addition, the package given by the task can be opened after 1 o'clock, and there is still a chance to open the week. The dynamic card is currently not available. It is said that after the 28th, the reasonable allocation of green dots is the most important. The coach card can add to the contract card. At the beginning of the gold coins are as expensive as oil, don't worry about what jersey team logo is so messy, and directly pay for the people you want most.

FIFA 19 UT Mode


All card megatrends are getting cheaper over time. The top gold card price drop is especially fast, but within half a month it is reasonable to go to the cheapest. S, BC, which is not tradeable, carefully, blood lessons. Once the S, BC team's good lineup is submitted, it cannot be retrieved small chance to get back, the substitute will not be submitted.
The player who started out is 10 chemistry in the case of full chemistry, and the player who bought it is 9 chemistry 10 chemistry after 10 games. To play the game ahead of time to buy a gold coin bonus, do not repeat the purchase, use the bonus and then buy another gold coin bonus. Silver card copper card is abandoned, if you have a big competition, try to do it.
FIFA 19 will select the best lineup based on the performance of the players in the actual game league, cup, international match day and make black cards TOTW cards for these players. If you have any issues pertaining to wherever and how to use Buy FIFA 19 Coins, you can get hold of us at our own web page. These players are drawn for one week, then Here is the best lineup for the first week, led by our London Kings - Azar and Zaka, let's take a look.
GK: Yann Sommer 84
CB: Kalidou Koulibaly 88
CB: álvaro 82
RB: Jo Cancelo 84
CAM: Dimitri Payet 86
CDM: Granit Xhaka 84
LW: Eden Hazard 92
When the front field is close to the opponent, you can click the steal button to resist the opponent's break. Especially when the opponent is yelling, the best effect is when the ball is farthest from the opponent's body. Defensively ran to the opponent's most likely pass route, not to the player, but to the position he is about to pass. For example, he might pass the ball to the top of the screen, then you should go to the top of him and then ran forward, instead of running straight to him.
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