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V4, gets its first major update with a new Archer class

Cheap V4 Red Gems Nexon's MMORPG cross-platform marvel V4 will be undergoing its largest content update when the all-new Archer class arrives next week on Wednesday Nov. 18.

With short skill activation times Archer can unleash quick attacks making her the fastest class of all Syllunas. Using her bow and quiver the Archer has six abilities that can be activated in lightning succession allowing her to interrupt the battlefield with a variety of attacks that can turn the tide of any encounter.


Nexon's PC / Mobile MMORPG V4 gets its first major update with a new Archer class. Specializing in ranged physical attacks the Archer class the first class introduced in V4 since launch is a class that deals devastating blows with a bow and arrow.

In addition to the character the update also includes a free slot for him the "Despaired Forest" region with the boss another dungeon two slots for equipment - a bracelet and armband themed events and much more.

To celebrate Archer's arrival players around the globe can participate in fabulous limited-time events including:

Stage Arrival Event: From November 18th players can participate in a 14-day stage arrival event to win ancillary gear for the new Archer category with the Brellan V4 Red Gems Rare Mount Pet and Companion outfit.
Mid-Time Mega Event: The Mid-Time Mega Event available November 18 allows players to support their character development with rewards of up to 500% experience points at mid-time unchanged.
Archer Update Celebration Event: Available November 18 this event grants players 300% Potion Epic Companion Shuryl and Demon Stone experience points when players reach a certain level.

In addition to the introduction of the Archer class players will have access to a new area Anguished Forest and the brand new Phantom Abyss Dungeon that will be added to Beast's Void. Additional updates include new equipment slots legendary Eldon earrings recipe for creating epic rings and changes to items that players can store as they traverse the open world of V4.

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