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When will Genshin Impact come on Nintendo Switch

Cheap Genshin Impact Account Genshin Impact has attracted millions of players in just a short amount of time and it's already a massive success for developer MiHoYo. Drawing clear inspiration from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Genshin Impact is the first true AAA gacha game.

When the game Genshin Impact first made a debut it was only scheduled for the PC PS4 and mobile platforms. Sam Lai is the head of the miHoYo communications and he has mentioned that the Nintendo Switch version of the game is under development as of now. There is further information about the beta tests and the launch date expected to get an announcement sometime later in the future. The project is also getting an optimization for all the platforms which have been mentioned above. All this while we are sure that the console of Nintendo Switch will be focused on that after it.

Genshin Impact

The last time that miHoYo took up this issue in an interview their answer was as vague as vague answers can be. All they said almost as if to calm us down was that the game will eventually come to Switch. They also said that development for the Switch Genshin Impact Account for sale behind the scenes is underway. However they did not give us a day week month or even a random time span after which this may happen.

Beta testing would likely begin sometime in early 2021 with a full release coming after. It's hard to say exactly when Genshin Impact would release on Switch but it'd likely be mid to late 2021. Because Genshin Impact is a live service game MiHoYo will be focused on adding new content and events which means a Switch port likely wouldn't be its priority. It's also not clear if the Switch version will have cross-save functionality as the PS4 version currently doesn't. Considering Switch fans have to wait for a port however it's possible that MiHoYo could work in a cross-save system so players can simply carry on.

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