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When will World of Warcraft Patch 9.1 come to the live servers
We don’t yet have a date for patch 9.1, but considering that patch 9.0.5 just released recently and the patch isn’t even up on the test server, I’d say it’s probably still a while off. Most of the people whose predictions I trust suspect it will be some time between late May and early July. And if you’re not familiar with the usual World of Warcraft patch cadence, that’s actually a really long time between the expansion launch and the game’s first major patch.

New Raid – Sanctum of Domination
World of Warcraft Shadowlands 9.1 brings with it a new raid called Sanctum of Domination. The raid will be very much relevant to some of the story points discussed earlier as will feature none other than Sylvanas as its end boss. We all knew that we would have to confront Sylvanas at some point, but I was personally expecting that confrontation towards the end of the expansion. Then again, just because we’re going to fight Sylvanas that doesn’t necessarily mean get to kill her, too.

Updated PVP talents and new rewards
For those who prefer to fight other players rather than the villains of the story, PVP will be getting some new content in 9.1 as well with the arrival of Season 2. PVP talents will be getting a refresh, focusing on improving those that are rarely used. And as usual there will be two new mount rewards, with Gladiators getting a recolor of the Season 1 Soul Eater mount and other PVPers unlocking the Vicious Gorm mounts pictured above.

WoW Patch 9.1: The new Korthia area
In the Schlund, however, we can expect even more than we have got to know so far. Because the jailer has drawn the mysterious city of Korthia from the intermediate worlds of the Shadowlands and anchored it in the gullet with gigantic chains. In the city inhabited by the mediators he looks for something that should help him to get to the other three keys that are kept in the Ardenwald, Maldraxxus and Revendreth. We can only speculate, however, what he intends to do with it. But it will certainly not be good. A large part of the pact campaign, which will be continued with patch 9.1, will then also play in Korthia. Since the pacts are now working together towards the same goal, they will differ less from each other than at the beginning of enlargement.

Here’s a quick summary of some other changes coming with Shadowlands 9.1:
  •     PVP Season 2
  •     Mythic+ affix
  •     New Covenant Cosmetic armor sets
  •     Additional Torghast floors
  •     New Torghast anima powers
  •     New Conduits
  •     Soulbind system overhaul

The other major new group content arriving with patch 9.1 is Tazavesh, the Veiled Market, a Broker-themed mega-dungeon with 8 bosses — including the Infinite Pirate Dragon — that will only be available in Mythic difficulty at launch. Rewards for completing this heist-like dungeon include a mount (not the Infinite Pirate Dragon, sadly) and some cute pets.

The most important, big question was not answered for us: When will Patch 9.1 come to the live servers? The developers want to keep an exact date open in order to adapt the planned features to the wishes and feedback of the players. Incidentally, we are looking in vain for a completely new feature, such as the essences from Patch 8.1. The developers are with the current system so satisfied that they prefer to build on it and expand those features. A good decision, at least in the eyes of most players.

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