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Wild Round Cards of Madden NFL 19 Playoffs Released by EA
Madden American football video game Madden NFL 19 released a new set of IF cards called Madden 19 Playoffs Wild Round Card. If you want to see what’s inside those packs and how to get them, this Madden 19 Guide is the best handbook for you. We will introduce all cards stats, and price potential for you, it’s important for you if you want to trade it for profits. But the most realistic problem is: the fastest way to farm Madden 19 Points is to Buy them with low price on
Madden 19 Playoffs Wild Card players via its EA Sports Madden Twitch channel. Each of these players had impressive in-game performances to help their teams advance to the NFL Divisional Round of play. Due to that, the new cards carry a 91 rating for MUT. Here are the four players who made the cut as well as their stats.

Madden NFL 19 Ultimate Team Series 2

Champion: Dallas Cowboys
Yet another defender who came up big. The Cowboys topped Russell Wilson and the Seahawks in Dallas. Collins brings a 94 for Finesse Moves, and then an 88 for Play Recognition. Add in the 87s for Strength and Power Moves and gamers get another nice player card here.
Runner-up: Indianapolis Colts
Another defensive star who is part of the group, he has a 90 Speed, 91 Zone Coverage, 93 Acceleration, and 95 Jumping. Moore was a major part of helping Indianapolis’defense halt the Texans’hopes of moving forward to possibly reach the Super Bowl. Chicago Bears just overcome its lifelong rival Eagles with a 17:12 slight advantage to get their Wild Card spawn ahead of other teams. We are proud of our Cheap MUT 19 Points product and our 100% Safe service. Wish you can share our site to your Madden 19 friends if you like us.
Third Place: LA Chargers
The Chargers’Adrian Phillips brings 92 on Acceleration and 91 on Zone Coverage. As mentioned in the Twitch video, he was “all over the field”in his team’s win against Baltimore. Now he’ll be part of a defense that’s trying to stop Tom Brady and the Patriots.
The new added exchange set get the atmosphere to the peak, and MUT 19 will be in heydays for the whole money when the event doesn’t expire. As mentioned by EA’s team on their Twitch stream Tuesday, gamers can collect any eight 84 to 93 rated NFL Playoffs players. Add them to the set in order to get a choice of three of these 91 Wild Card players. Not a bad way to boost your Madden Ultimate Team where it might need help!
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