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World of Warcraft Classic will have Latin American kingdom soon
It looks like WoW Classic is giving interesting returns to Blizzard. After a powerful debut, the game continues to record very interesting numbers. And of course, all of this is keeping investments in new servers and optimizations continuing. This time, the news caught the attention, as the next server to be added will be for South American players.

The official World of Warcraft Classic forum posted great news for Brazilian and Latin American players. With more and more players starting and progressing with their characters in the classic version, many Brazilians choose other servers and will soon have a realm geared toward Latin American players.

“We have seen many requests and complaints from Latin American players who are playing WoW Classic in different realms and we want everyone to know: we are working on creating a new realm for WoW Classic in the region for players,” was the recorded message. in the official forum of the game.

We are working on creating a new realm for WoW Classic in the region for Latin American players.

It will be a PvP kingdom to which characters can be freely transferred from any other PvP kingdom for a limited time. Obviously, the change only makes sense for those who prefer to speak Spanish or Portuguese.

We have no date and time set yet, but we wanted to warn you that this is already in our plans and that we intend to make this realm available as soon as possible.

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