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WOW Classic Best & Fastest Way to Farm Honor, How to Farm Honor in Vanilla WOW
How do you maximize honor in WOW Classic? How do you farm Honor? How does honor work in classic WoW? Follow this article, you will find the answer.


Some players confused about the honor system:” I got to rank 10 honor in PvP in vanilla to get the full blue set (in that horrific lime green color scheme, /shudder). I loved the stats on that set, it was PERFECT for my survival hunter. To achieve rank 10 I had to grind about 30 hours a week in BG’s. For me, that was insane, it was a second job. If I am remembering correctly we would grind all week and then during the server reset our rankings were tabulated. On that grind you had to compete against other players and the one with the most honor would get the highest ranking, etc. Is that correct?”. For people like that, we are willing to help them walk through.
WoW Classic How to Farm Honor?
One aspect of WoW gameplay that was present and a big part of Classic was revamped and permanently changed - that is Classic PvP, and Classic PvP honor ranking! PvP is a big part of the game in Classic. Not only are the gear rewards on a similar level to some of the high end raids, but the prestige and fame that follows highly ranked PvP players on their realms is only rivaled by the best guild, and sometimes not even them.
The PvP system in WoW Classic has nothing in common with the current version (Retail). Each rank is not easy, but the PvP equipment that can be obtained for leveling is worth it. PvP ranks are filled with the help of the Honor Points (Honor) farm and at the moment there is one of way to farm honor in WoW Classic – this is killing players in the open world (ganks on locations).
Alterac Valley contains a huge number of activities when compared to the other battlegrounds, meaning it can be an extremely good way of farming Honor. The following activities will give you bonus Honor upon completion:
·Killing enemy leaders, including the Captains, Commanders, and Lieutenants, as well as finishing the game with your friendly leaders still alive.
·Destroying enemy structures, such as Towers or Bunkers, or finishing the match while still in control of friendly structures.
·Rescuing your faction's Wing Commanders.
·Killing the enemy General and winning the match.
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