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WOW Classic victim of denial of service attacks: a suspect arrested

Late last August, World of Warcraft Classic was officially launched and force is to recognize that the launch attracted some attention in the players - but also some malandrins. On September 7th, the MMORPG was undergoing a series of denial of service attacks. For a few hours, players have therefore encountered difficulties in connecting and the stability of some servers was undermined.

In a note posted on the official forums, Blizzard brings some follow-up to the incident: the alleged perpetrator of the attacks was clearly identified and arrested.

According to Blizzard's community teams, the studio's Security Team worked closely with the local and international agencies in charge of computer security to trace the source of DDoS attacks. A few days later, the authorities therefore identified the person concerned, who was arrested in the process.

At this point, it is unclear what will happen to the case and whether it will lead to prosecution, but this is obviously not the first time that a DDoS attacker has been caught (many to be caught for boasting on social networks, in particular) and convictions have already been pronounced - sometimes for distributing software to conduct large-scale DDoS attacks, sometimes for initiating such attacks (still in last April, a US surfer received 27 months in prison and a fine of 95,000 dollars). Players are not deprived of access to their (new) MMOs with impunity.

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